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Useful information and resources to make off the grid living doable and fun.

This site covers our sometimes hilarious but always rewarding experience in building off the grid in southwest Colorado.

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8 vital necessities for living "Off The Grid"
1) Shelter
2) Good Water
3) Sustainable Food source
4) Energy Source
5) Transport
6) Communications
7) Security
8) Knowledge source.
There is a step just before shelter and that is - Where do you put the shelter?

That requires some knowledge of ideal locations for living.

Here is what we did.

After you have an “off the grid” location to build, what kind of shelter would you like to build – so many alternatives:

• “Conventional” including post and beam, brick, steel, concrete, etc.
• “Earth ships” surrounded by earth which absorb heat from the sun in the day and gives the heat off at night ...

We ended up buying 5 Marine Containers, excavating into the side of a hill and laying the containers in a configuration that could serve as a basic shelter structure
and which could be extended by conventional post and beam construction ...
Free Eagles Solution to the Problems of "The Matrix"
We made this 12 minute video to give our subscribers some insight into why we set up Free Eagles Ranch as an alternative to all the B.S. one finds these days in major Metropolitan areas.
Some Benefits and Creative ideas for Off the Grid Living
If Off the Grid Living is away from all the “action”, TV and “trendy” people, what does one do for excitement? Or with the “extra” time?